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    Articles by Hannah Gibson

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Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust Governance




Dame Anne Salmond, DBE, FRSNZ, FBA

Sir Bob Harvey, KNZM, QSO


Board of Trustees                                                 



Suzanne Crowther – CA

Suzanne is presently Head of People at Westpac.Westpac Group has branches and controlled entities throughout Australia, New Zealand and the near Pacific region and maintains offices in key financial centres around the world including London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. As at 31 March 2013, the Westpac Group employed approximately 36,000 people (full time equivalent basis) in Australia, New Zealand and around the world, and had global assets of A$677.5 billion.

She brought a background of some 20 years within the building industry in various roles. She commenced her career as an accountant after completing the Institute of Chartered Accountants qualification, ACA. For 12 years she held various roles within Carter Holt Harvey Limited including being Human Resources Manager for Woodproducts New Zealand.

Suzanne held the position of Mobility Dogs General Manager for the 2009/2010 financial year before moving to a position on the Board. 



Gregory Shanahan – LLM (Hons)

Gregory provides legal advice and governance to the Trust gained from experience learned over 40 plus years of practicing law. In addition to my legal practice I have given, and in some cases continue to give, my time to a number of charitable trusts involved in education, the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, the restoration and conservation of St Patrick’s Cathedral and others besides. So I am no stranger to the workings of charitable trusts like Mobility Dogs. In 2012, at the instigation of the Trust, a separate foundation known as the Foundation for Mobility Dogs was created by Deed dated 7 August and registered under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957. The Foundation’s role is twofold: to raise funds, and to own assets and license them to the Trust the Trust’s use and operation.    



Emma Clarke –  BSc, PGDipBus, Marketing and Communications

Emma has 15 years of marketing and communications experience across many different businesses.  Working with company founders and owners, who have put their life and soul into their businesses, has given Emma an insight into what drives success as well as the capability to influence at a senior level. 

Emma’s experience advising start-up companies who are working with tight budgets and need to maximise every dollar they spend is of great value to MADT. Emma skills include knowledge of the rapidly changing technology and market trends including digital developments and social media.


Suzie Mudge – MHSc, PhD

Currently Suzie works as a physiotherapist and is the director of Neuro Rehab Results, a private clinic that specialises in rehabilitation for individuals with neurological impairments. Suzie has over 20 years of clinical experience in the United States and New Zealand working in the private sector; the majority of these years have been in the field of neuro-rehabilitation. I have, therefore, experience and a strong interest in working with people who experience disability to improve their functioning and quality of life. Suzie sees that assistance dogs have the potential to assist in this regard and believes her expertise has value in streamlining the process of matching applicants with dogs.

Suzie is also involved in the organisation of the Neuro Rehab Education Group, teaching on a number of clinical courses for therapists. This, combined with Suzie’s clinical and academic roles mean that she is well placed to promote and provide education around the concept of Mobility Dogs to therapists who are both in training and to those who have already graduated.

This can be achieved by identifying the specific functional needs that individuals may experience that can in turn simplify the identification of a dog with the suitable temperament and physical characteristics as well as then to make the training process more efficient by considering the recipient’s specific needs. Over the years I have been associated with Mobility Dogs, I have developed and refined the functional assessment with input from the canine team.


Karen Elliott – BSc Molecular Biology

Through my involvement with MADT I would hope to ensure the client population the trust aims to serve is being well represented. I would attempt to be a voice around any disability issues that arise by providing a first-hand perspective of what it means to be disabled. I believe my personal experiences can assist the trust by enabling me to advocate on behalf of people with disabilities and to promote the various opinions this community may have. This in turn should bring about greater awareness and enable the organisation to fine tune the services it offers to our dog recipients.


Kathy Peake – BVSc, DVCSc, DLDT

Having trained as a Veterinarian and worked as a small animal (dogs and cats) medicine clinician, Kathy mostly advises on kennel related operations and veterinary issues. Pam Houston (Manager of Canine Programmes) is responsible for day to day kennel management, canine management, and veterinary care. Pam and I have regular discussions around any problems concerning individual dogs and the kennel as a whole. Changes to the kennel protocols and care and veterinary treatments of dogs are regularly discussed and reviewed.

In the case of ongoing veterinary issues I review the case notes and test results, Pam and I discuss ongoing care, and I liaise with specialists when a dog requires referral.

Our General Manager Jody Hogan is involved in all discussions and decisions around dogs requiring ongoing medical management and/or specialist referral. Day to day running costs are the domain of Jody Hogan, Pam Houston and ultimately the Board. Any prolonged or specialist veterinary treatment required is authorized by our GM and Board. 

I also have a mobility dog, Elsa, while retired from active duty is an Ambassador (Ambassadog) and raises awareness for our Trust.


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