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Become a Puppy Raiser


One meaningful way to help Mobility Dogs is to become a Puppy Raiser or Puppy Sitter. Puppy Raisers and Sitters are volunteers who welcome a Mobility Dog puppy/young adult into their homes and lives. Puppy Raisers commit to raise a puppy from a young puppy, through to approximately 13-15 months of age. Puppy Sitters commit to take a puppy for shorter durations, usually with specific tasks and socialisation activities as goals for training.

For both Puppy Raisers and Sitters, on-going training and support is provided by the Mobility Dogs Canine Team. As well, Mobility Dogs provides equipment and services for the puppy: vet care, food, crate, food/water bowls, toys, etc.

In addition to learning about how to train a Mobility Dog, Puppy Raisers and Sitters also receive instruction in canine healthcare, various training methods, and the various developmental stages of puppyhood.

Puppy Raising/Sitting is a wonderful opportunity to become part of a unique and special group, sharing experiences in public training outings, and the development of future canine working dog.


Puppy Raising and Puppy Sitting Requirements:

  • Fenced yard at home or a plan for exercising the dog if in an apartment

  • Dog lives inside with family members and participates in socialization and training as recommended by Mobility Dogs

  • Weekly/bi-monthly puppy classes and fieldtrips

  • Participation in events and presentations with puppy (public speaking not necessarily required as participation usually with another member of the Trust)


Think that Puppy Raising/Sitting might be for you? We would love to hear from you.  Please contact Corinna Cooper:


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