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    Articles by Hannah Gibson

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Make a Bequest


By leaving a bequest or gift in your Will to Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust you are ensuring the future of the organisation can continue to provide vital services to people living with disabilities.We do not receive government funding but rely on the generosity of the public through donations and bequests to fund our vital work.


If you already have a Will
If you would like to include a bequest to Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust in your existing Will, you can make a simple modification by adding a codicil (a codicil is a supplement to a Will that is intended to alter or modify it). To make sure your codicil is legal, we recommend it is checked and approved by a legal advisor.


If you don’t have a Will
A Will is an important legal document so it should be prepared by a legal professional. It’s important to discuss options and specific wording with your legal advisor to make sure your Will reflects your wishes clearly, giving specific guidance on how you want your assets and personal belongings distributed when you die.


Wording for a bequest
Here’s an indication of the accepted form of words that can be used to leave a bequest to Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust:

"I give and bequeath the sum of $_____________ (or) __________ % of my estate, (or) residue of my estate, (or) property or assets as follows


free of all charges, to Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust. The official receipt of an authorised officer of Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust is an absolute discharge to my executors."

Please get in touch with Jody Wilson, General Manager if you would like to discuss further.   contact us.


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